Personal injuries are of many types. Some people may sustain mild injuries, while others may receive life-altering injuries in accidents. Severe and life-threatening injuries require costly medical procedures and treatments. In case the person is unable to resume work or losses the livelihood due to injuries, paying off the medical bills becomes a challenge. Moreover, proving catastrophic injury is often hard. However, with the help of a qualified Virginia personal injury lawyer, one can determine the injuries and get damage awards in return.

So, what is a catastrophic injury? How is a catastrophic injury defined in Virginia?

In law, catastrophic injuries are those that severely damages a victim and causes physical, emotional, as well as financial consequences. Injuries that lead to impairments and permanent disabilities and require life-long treatment are characterized as a catastrophic injury.

Here a few features of catastrophic injuries:

  • The injury causes permanent disability
  • The damage leads to death or a terminal condition
  • The injury renders one incapable of performing work
  • The injury leads to amputation
  • The accident causes internal injuries or neurological disorders
  • The accident causes damage to the spine, head, or neck

Severe and life-threatening injuries may include head or brain trauma, damage to the nerve system, damage to internal organs, amputations, injuries in spinal code, etc.

Merely knowing what catastrophic injury is and what it entails is not enough. If you want to present a strong case against the perpetrator, you must know what kind of incidents and accidents can cause catastrophic injury. In case you sustain a catastrophic injury, it’s best to hire Virginia Beach personal injury attorney

So, let’s understand what may cause catastrophic injury.

As stated above, some various accidents and incidents can severely injure a person. Any incidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, like automobile accidents to work-related casualties, premises injuries to slip and fall.

Let’s look into a few of such cases.

Car accidents: Car accidents and automobile accidents are common all around the world. A car accident can happen due to the negligence of the driver or manufacturing defect in the vehicle. Car injuries can cause severe injuries like brain trauma, physical impairment, amputation, and even death.

Slip and falls:Slip and fall incidents are common and often fatal. Slip and fall accidents can occur at the workplace or someone’s home or any property. Unsecure railing, cracks on the floor, weak ceilings, and damaged staircase can lead to falls and injury. In slip and fall accident cases, the property owner can be held liable for the injuries. The property owner can be sued for negligence and failing to warn others of the hazard.

Medical malpractice: Injuries due to medical negligence is another commonly occurring incidents which can leave one disabled. Medical malpractice may include wrong treatment, operation on the wrong body part, leaving medical devices inside the patient, etc.

Catastrophic personal injury cases are complex and hard to prove. The Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer began their work by showing that the perpetrator’s fault caused the injury. This involves determining that the accused failed to fulfill the duty of care, which led to the injury. Your lawyer may also present medical expenses incurred by you to support your claim.

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