If you are accused of life insurance fraud, you should speak with an attorney immediately. You may face felony charges. This is why it is critical to contact an attorney who will place your best interests above their own. The Law Office of Norris Injury Law offers free consultations to clients charged with insurance fraud. We are dedicated to helping individuals in the Alabama area fight their charges. If you have been arrested, contact us today. We are here to help you as experienced Alabama life insurance fraud attorneys.

When You Are Charged With Fraud

Those who are accused of fraud may have lost everything due to deceptive marketing and false information in the policy contract. The insurer may have also changed the terms of the policy later. In some cases, the insurance agent has added unexpected fees to the policy. Other warning signs of fraud are missing illustrations, long surrender periods, or the lack of a policy description. A life insurance fraud attorney can help you fight back and reverse charges. The attorney will be able to reverse the charges and reinstate the policies that are canceled due to financial hardships.

When Life Insurance Agents Deceive You

Life insurance agents may deceive you into buying an insurance policy. They may try to sell you a policy with the wrong features or benefits based on your age, financial status, or health. They may also add a bunch of unexpected fees to the policy. These are all signs of fraud. If you or a loved one has purchased a life insurance policy from an insurance agent, contact an insurance attorney right away. They can help you reverse charges or restore the policy if it has been surrendered.

If you think your life insurance policy was fraudulent, consult an attorney who specializes in life insurance fraud. There may be cases where an insurance agent tries to sell you a wrong policy based on your age or financial situation. You may have a valid claim if your premiums have increased and the insurance company changed the terms of the policy later. You should be wary of these situations. If you have been victimized by a life insurance agent, you may be able to get the charges reversed or even get your policy reinstated.

How Are You Deceived?

There are many ways that an insurance agent may deceive you. For instance, he might try to sell you a policy that you don’t really need. Another possible tactic is to overstate your income so that the insurance provider can sell you a more expensive policy. Sometimes, the insurance provider may not disclose certain information to the buyer. This can result in a lapsed or inflated policy. You may not even be aware that there are hidden costs involved in a life insurance policy.

The most common ways in which a life insurance agent deceives you are by misrepresenting the benefits of the policy. An insurance agent may be trying to trick you into buying a larger policy than you can afford. By making up an inaccurate income, you could be subjected to a felony. This is why it is so important to consult with a life insurance fraud attorney as soon as you suspect fraud. Your life insurance provider is not legally required to disclose information about the death of a person that purchased the policy.

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