The sad but actual fact is that most people will encounter a slip or a fall at some point in their lives. These incidents can happen anywhere for various reasons. It can happen at home, at the workplace, in public areas, and in many other places. There are devastating instances where the tragic incident is due to someone else’s negligence. When this occurs on someone else’s property and under their negligence, you are entitled to compensation by the responsible parties. Such liability is known as premises liability. With such incidents being part of our daily lives, knowing what to do when such incidents occur is paramount as provided by the experienced slip and fall accident lawyers in New York at Friedman Levy.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Depending on its extent, you may experience confusion immediately after a trip. Therefore, it is vital to understand the steps you need to take when such instances occur due to another’s negligence.

Seek medical attention

Seeking medical attention is a crucial step after the incident. It would help if your injuries were addressed since they may be severe. An individual’s health is top-priority; therefore, seek medical attention to know the extent of your injury. Ensure that the injuries are accurately documented since they will act as evidence during compensation. Maintain proper records of x-rays, receipts, and any other medical documentation that may be of value during the claim.

Report it

When you trip while you’re in someone’s premises, ensure to report it to the relevant authorities. The liable person needs to be aware of their negligence and your injury. Maintain good records of correspondence and communication since they may be required during the case. Make sure that you have all the details of the incident in writing without disregarding any piece of information which may be vital for your case.

Consult a lawyer

The legal system is complex, and even such incidents require the services of an experienced attorney. The right and appropriate attorney can help you get the proper compensation when considering legal action. A professional can determine whether you are eligible for a public liability claim or not. A reliable and qualified attorney will understand everything about the time limits for the public liability claim to ensure it does not pass. The attorney will ensure that you lodge the public liability claim against the relevant parties.

Settle the claim and get compensated

Depending on your extent of injury, a good attorney should ensure you get the proper compensation depending on injury and losses. Tripping can result in minor or major injuries and damage to possessions, depending on how they happen. Seek legal services from an attorney with a proven track record to increase your probability of getting fair compensation.


Property owners and managers should ensure that their premises are safe and well-managed to protect their customers from tripping incidents. They should ensure they have warning signs showing slippery floors or unsafe areas for people to walk through. Understanding the steps to take after tripping and getting injured can help you get fair compensation and exercise your legal rights.

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