Law firms and call centers might not sound like the most obvious match, but the fact remains that an increasing number of law firms throughout the world have started to enlist the services of these 3rd party businesses to extend the availability of legal services to their clients. Unlike law firms, most call centers function 24/7, meaning that once you hire such a center to manage client communication on your law firm’s behalf, you no longer have to worry about missing new client opportunities once you log off work for the day.

Call centers that are well-versed in law firm client intake provide a wide range of customizable services to law firms, including but not limited to answering services, appointment scheduling, virtual reception, client intake, and more. The following information will take a look at these services and how hiring a call center can help your law firm stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual Receptionist

While it is possible for a law firm to recruit a team of professional receptionists to handle all incoming and outgoing communication, it takes a lot of resources to train a dedicated group of people. A professionally trained call center that specializes in legal reception can not only take calls on your behalf but also take client information as needed. This way, a remote call center can function as your virtual receptionist despite sitting hundreds of miles away from your firm.

Client Communication

Client trust is paramount when it comes to legal practice. Consistent communication is the key to building a good attorney-client relationship, and one of the best ways to do so is to ensure that you do not miss any important client calls. With a call center, your services remain available to potential clients 24/7, which allows you to take time off without having to worry about any client calls going to voicemail. It reinforces the belief in your clients regarding your availability in times of need and helps foster a healthy relationship.

Law Firm Client Intake

If you are a trial lawyer, you might not have the time to attend calls while you are at work. Missing client calls means missing potential business for your law firm, which can be easily avoided with the help of a trained call center that can perform client intake on your behalf. Not only is a professionally trained operator always available to attend incoming calls from your clients but also to get a contract signed after obtaining all necessary client data that you might need to proceed.

Appointment Scheduling

Call centers allow you to schedule client appointments even when you are not at work. Due to your constant availability via such a center, clients are more likely to schedule an appointment with you than go to a competing law firm when their calls do not get picked up, or messages do not get returned. You can easily integrate any new client appointments into your workflow without having to resort to callbacks.


Call centers are becoming increasingly integral to the seamless workflow of law firms across the globe. These 3rd party businesses provide law firms the opportunity to improve their reputation and significantly increase their client retention and intake rates while saving valuable resources.

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