Most kids were tucked into bed and had the lights turned out when the parents would say “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Then they would either drop off into sleep or remain awake pondering what exactly bed bugs were. As they grew older, the rhyme would often be dropped and those teenagers would now see bed bugs as just a silly trick that adults did.

However, bed bugs are very real, they bite, and there’s a whole study of law designated to dealing with them.

What is a Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are small brown bugs that feed on human and animal blood, and while their bites are not lethal or disease carrying, they can leave red marks on your skin. They lay eggs that are about the size of dust specks, and all those bugs need blood.

They often hide in mattresses, headboards, and bed frames so they can bite people at night. Plus, those areas are generally undisturbed during the day, so they can rest and breed. It’s not just in bedrooms where these bugs hang out, you can also find bed bugs in major hotel chains.

Bed Bug Lawyers

If you go to a hotel and wake up with bed bug injuries, you can contact a bed bug lawyer to sue the hotel. Hotels have a duty of care to keep those inside the hotel safe from injuries and harm, and they are supposed to make checks for bedbugs in the rooms. If the duty of care was neglected, then the process can proceed just like a personal injury case.

Bed bugs are seen as serious injuries, just as important as the other accidents that can happen at a hotel. If you were bitten by bed bugs after a few nights in the hotel, then you can make a case. However, if you inspected your room and found bed bugs within a few minutes of being there, then you can alert the front desk and have your room changed.

Benefits to Your Case

If you suspect bed bug bites are on your skin due to being at a hotel, you’ll need to take a few steps to make your case as strong as possible. First, take pictures of the bites, and try to find bed bugs that you can take pictures of.

Also, get medical attention for the bites. Not only will this keep you safe from infection and open sores, but the doctor who treated you can attest to how serious the bites were. Contacting the health department and getting them to visit the hotel to check for bugs can also provide evidence that the bugs were there.

You can also discuss the last time the room was cleaned and who the cleaners were with the hotel managers, as well as file an injury report. It’ll take some detective work and elbow grease, but with the right attorney, you can certainly get compensation for your injuries.

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