If you are looking to pass the bar exam with a short period of time to prepare, you are not alone. To work at a law firm as a lawyer one must pass the bar exam, Here are some tips. First, don’t waste time. If you are listening to lectures, stop. If you are writing your own outline or making your own flashcards, stop. It’s time to switch to completing tasks that will help you more efficiently absorb information. Second, start learning the law. You cannot learn everything and the good news is, you do not have to learn everything. Instead, learn what is tested on the bar exam. This is the best way to study efficiently.


start by creating bullet points of all the essential topics and essays. Many people focus on the MBE because they’re so worried about it but in almost all states, including uniform bar exam states, it doesn’t matter how you get your points on the bar exam. You can get them on the MBE or you can get them on the essays. There is not a minimum MBE score that you need. For most people, it is much easier to significantly and exponentially improve their essay score in the days leading up to the bar exam. So focus on the essays. Learn those highly tested rules like we suggested, then bullet point as many essays as possible. Relatedly, work on the MPT portion is the most overlooked part of the bar exam. If you have completely ignored MPTS up until this point, start practicing MPTS. You will not regret focusing on the MPT portion leading up to the bar exam. Next, do not try to answer 100 MBE questions per day. That is wasting valuable time. Instead, answer a smaller number of questions and get more out of them. Do them slowly. Dissect them. On the MBE, you’ll see the same issues tested over and over again, all dressed up in different fact patterns. Also, make sure you are answering real MBE questions. That is, actual official NCBE released questions.These are most like the actual bar exam questions you’ll see on bar exam day and knowing that you’ve completed these actual official bar exam questions will have the added bonus of boosting your confidence.


Lastly, boost your confidence. Practice visualization and meditation. Get excited to take the bar exam. You’ll perform better on the bar exam if you are in the right mindset, so don’t neglect this crucial aspect of bar exam preparation.


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