Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) is the name used for Driving under the influence (DUI) cases in Ohio. Despite the terminology difference, the offenses are serious and have implications when the police arrest you for the violations. The arresting officers will question you for the offenses and require you to take sobriety tests before booking you. The evaluations include using a Breathalyzer to determine if you had an excess amount of alcohol or other illicit substances in your body.

After the police report the incident, they will proceed to charge you. Probably you will spend the night in jail, but you can seek bail and be free. You will get a date to appear in court for conviction. It is best to start preparing your defense against OVI charges immediately. A qualified and experienced lawyer can help you settle the case before trial or ensure you get a  reduced sentence if the case goes to trial. Here are some strategies they will use to beat OVI charges in Ohio;

Plead “Not-Guilty”

You must plead “not guilty” to OVI charges from the start if you are to defend the charges successfully. The police will have body cameras that record the incident during arrest and produce the footage as evidence in court. It would be best to call your lawyer immediately after facing an arrest or when you get the chance to make a phone call when the police book you. The legal expert can take the lead in helping you argue your case.

Going for Pre-Trial

An attorney can request to meet with the prosecutor before the trial begins. Both parties share details about their case, and your representatives can evaluate the evidence against your case. In turn, your legal team will know the steps to counter the charges if it proceeds to trial. They will look at the gaps in the case and how to use them to your advantage. Knowing what to expect will help prepare the court arguments.

On the other hand, your lawyer can seek to have the prosecutor drop the case or reduce the charges. If the professionals succeed, you will not need to worry about undergoing a stressful court hearing or risk jail time for the offenses. Still, you avert the risks of getting a criminal record which will affect your personal life, especially when looking for employment. So, it is helpful to outsource a lawyer’s expertise since they know the law and can help you beat charges of driving a vehicle impaired.

Challenging the Charges in Court

An experienced lawyer will try everything to beat charges in a court of law. They will consider;

  • If the police read your rights before the sobriety tests or if they had a warrant to test your blood.
  • The improper filing of the charges and discrepancies in the police report.
  • The protocols in administering the sobriety tests and their reliability if the kits are sub-standard.
  • If the violations may be due to the use of certain prescription drugs.

An experienced lawyer in OVI cases in Ohio can successfully defend you when facing such charges. Ensure you call them immediately after the police arrest you.

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