An important part of the criminal justice system is the defense attorneys.

A criminal defense attorney makes sure that the courts put the just in justice along with being in the accused’s corner during the entire process. These heavy hitters can make the difference between a conviction and a mistrial.

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Defends an Accused in Court

The main function of a  Anderson & Graham offers criminal defense counseling and their main function is to represent an individual in the court of law who is accused of committing a criminal act.

Defending an accused has nothing to do with believing whether they are or are not guilty of committing a crime. They will use their criminal law expertise to defend the individual to the best of their abilities to make sure that the person is getting a fair legal trial without having their fundamental rights compromised at any point in time.

Investigates a Case

Before hiring a criminal defense lawyer, it’s important to know all the skills they bring to the table for your case.

A criminal lawyer will take the time to investigate the case every step of the way from the time police are involved in the present moment to awaiting a hearing. The reason for this is they make sure that every step has been fair and had a proper investigation, along with anything that may point to the person they’re representing as being the wrong person.

Analyzes Evidence

During their investigation of the case with their legal eye, they will also comb through every single piece of evidence that has put this case together to accuse their client.

Sometimes evidence is collected in a way that goes against a person’s fundamental rights. This would mean this evidence is inadmissible in court. A criminal defense attorney will also see if any of the evidence can provide doubt to the accused individual’s guilt and be able to dismiss a case.

The reason being is that for anyone to be convicted of a crime, the evidence and case has to satisfy the requirement of being beyond a reasonable doubt that the person is guilty. If it does not, then the individual can’t be convicted of the crime.

Provides Potential Options for Outcomes

After investigating a case and analyzing the evidence, a criminal defense attorney will provide their clients with potential options for the outcomes of their case.

They will be able to weigh in their legal opinion on the best course of action. This can be for a reduced sentence or to let them know there isn’t enough evidence to convict them. The attorney will also provide advice on accepting or declining plea deals, and the possible strategies the prosecution will take.

A Criminal Defense Attorney: There When You Need Them

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer you want in your corner if you find yourself on the other side of the law. They will be there to defend you and your rights throughout the legal process. Shining a light on what is a criminal defense attorney provides more insight into the criminal law process.

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