As an immigrant applying for a visa in the UK, you have rights too. It is crucial to know your rights to avoid being on the receiving end of harassment. Even if your visa application did not get approval, you still have legal remedies to get your visa.

Inhumane treatment  

Whether you are seeking asylum or you want to apply for a work visa, the government needs to treat you well. You can’t face inhuman treatment throughout the entire process. If you enter the country illegally, you will go to jail until you resolve your case. During that process, the government cannot impede on your fundamental human rights.

Immediate deportation

Even when you are up for removal, you can still appeal your case. You can provide reasons why you need to stay in the country. It is illegal for the UK to send a person back to the home country if that person faces threats of violence and death, even after committing crimes in the UK. The right extends to the family members who are also facing violence and threats back home.

Appealing decisions

When you legally apply for a visa, but you get rejected, it does not mean the path is over for you. There is still a possibility for you to get the visa if you appeal the decision. There will be a review process to check what went wrong. You might have to submit additional documents to reassess the application.

Extortion and bribery

You have the right against immigration officers doing illegal activities. If someone is asking you to go through channels that the law does not approve, you can say no. You can say no if someone asks you to pay a certain amount to expedite your visa approval. Apart from the right to say no, you can also raise legal complaints against those individuals, without hurting your chances of applying for a visa.

Getting a lawyer

If you feel like you can’t represent yourself in court, or you will have a difficult time going through the entire application process, you can hire the best immigration lawyers in London. It is your right to determine who your lawyer will be. Your lawyer can speak on your behalf especially if there are language barriers.

You need the right lawyer to be with you throughout this process since it can be difficult. Visa applications take time. Whether you are applying to work in the UK or you want to open a business, the government will inspect your documents. Even people applying for asylum need to go through a complicated process before getting a visa.

It might be a rigorous process, but you can do it when you follow the rules, and you have the perfect lawyer to help you. Be patient with the process since it can be time-consuming. Once you get a visa and legally enter the UK, it will be worth the effort.

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