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Is Medical Attention After A Car Accident Necessary?

A car accident can change your life. Even if you do not suffer serious injuries, the event could result in feeling residual apprehension about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle in the future. Of course, serious injuries are a common result of car crashes...
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Why Do You Want A Cigna Disability Claims Lawyer?

Based on reports, denied short-term and long-term impairment claims by Cigna, among the primary suppliers of disability insurance in the country, and has rapidly climbed in the last couple of decades. Additionally, Cigna was accused, on several occasions, of failing to cover claims of policyholders....
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4 Common Truck Accidents Compensable Non-Economic Damages

Unlike your car that you drive your kids to school with, or use to get around, trucks are larger and heavier. When fully-loaded, trucks weigh 30 times more than the typical automobiles, meaning that they are quite challenging to handle. From jackknife, rollover, sideswipes, to...
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Dividing the Home in A Chicago Illinois Divorce

Home is where the heart is.  And, in a divorce, home is where the money is.  Couples fight over the home for a number of reasons.  The main questions that often arise are who can keep it, who owns it with right to sell it,...
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