For personal advice and assert your rights to compensation and reparation, a lawyer can accompany you and defend you.For personal advice and assert your rights to compensation and reparation, a lawyer can accompany you and defend you. It will help you in the evaluation of your damage, the constitution of your file and the follow-up of the steps, as well with the Fund of Guarantees of the victims of the acts of terrorism and the other offensesthan insurance companies regarding property damage.

It will help you obtain the benefit of specific social rights for victims of terrorism and answer any questions you may have about your new legal situation, such as family law or tax law. His fees will be freely agreed with you or may be covered by a legal protection insurance guarantee. You can visit for more in this matter now.

  • As part of the criminal proceedings, the lawyer will accompany you throughout the proceedings and will defend your interests, both during the investigation and during the criminal trial and hearing on civil interests that will decide on the award of damages and interests. His fees may be covered by a guarantee of legal protection insurance or by means of legal aid without means test.

The one who will be the right lawyer for you will not be the same as another person in a different situation or situation, but with different search criteria.

The following short guide is intended to explain how this liberal professional lawyer works so you can make an informed choice.

How to ensure the skills of a lawyer?

All lawyers have, in terms of the degree, at least a master’s degree in law (now called Master I). However, most also have AEDs or DESS (now called Master II) which allow knowing what is their initial training.

  • Nevertheless, this initial training does not always correspond to their professional activity.
  • The profession recognizes specialization titles that you will find in the search criteria.
  • These specializations, fifteen in number, can only be claimed by lawyers with at least four years of experience and having passed a professional examination before the Bar.

It is therefore a guarantee of quality

Nevertheless, the system of allocation of specializations is quite outdated and does not cover all the specializations of the law, a large number of lawyers give up to pass its specialization exams (whose reform has been announced for a long time) and is content with display a privileged area of ​​expertise.These privileged areas of expertise appear in our simple search.The lawyers who registered on this site and who fulfilled the criteria undertook on their honor to master perfectly the subjects in which they referenced.

Finally, some subjects require hyper-specialization that only experience and daily practice can provide.That’s why we have implemented sub-criteria, sometimes very sharp, to help you find the right lawyer.

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