The family court system handles a variety of cases and, while these cases may deal with different issues, they often stir the same emotions. The intense emotional reactions these cases cause is just one reason to hire an experienced and rational legal advocate to represent you. When feelings run high, a family law attorney can prevent you from making costly mistakes and can stick to a sensible strategy that will help you achieve the best possible results in your case.

Why You Can’t Handle a Divorce on Your Own

There are many different areas of family law and working with a knowledgeable attorney can help you deal with any of these complex issues. In many instances, one case will have to address several different issues, all of which will be settled in the family courts. When a couple gets divorced, they may have to deal with the division of property, the custody of children, and the establishment of support, before the case can be closed once and for all.

Even in a straightforward divorce, where no minor children are involved, there will likely be very complex financial issues to be resolved. In addition to real estate and other physical property, you and your spouse may need to determine what is to be done with investments, retirement accounts, and insurance coverage. The average person isn’t typically aware of the complex issues that govern the division of these assets, which is just one reason the expertise of a family law attorney are needed.

An Attorney Can Help Your Child Custody Case

Additionally, the custody and care for children is a primary concern to family court judges, so these matters must be handled carefully. Inadequate representation in court could mean losing custody of your children and, once custody has been determined, it becomes increasingly more difficult to change it. In order to determine the best situation for the children, the court will question both parents and the children involved, which can often create an adversarial situation between the parents. The last thing you want to do is to find that your spouse has hired an experienced family law attorney, while you’re attempting to represent yourself. This gives your spouse an unfair advantage and can result in a very unfavorable child custody arrangement.

Along similar lines, child support also requires the expertise of an established family law attorney. There are several factors to be considered, when the court determines which parent will pay custody and how much is to be paid. One factor that plays a part in the court’s decision is how much time the children will be spending with each parent and how many children are involved. Additionally, mathematics come into play, as the court will look at the income versus debt ratio for each parent and the financial needs of the children. An experienced attorney can point to extenuating circumstances that may shift support determinations in your favor.

In some cases, a couple may be able to come together civilly in mediation and make these decisions together. Even then, it’s necessary to have attorney’s present to help ensure things go smoothly and to advise the couple on the legal procedures that may affect their decisions. This type of situation can help avoid a long, adversarial court battle, so it’s important to find a law firm that also handles mediation. A successful compromise can save the divorcing couple money and help them avoid creating even more bitter feelings for one another.

When you’re faced with a legal battle that involves members of your family, obtaining the right attorney is more important than ever. By seeking out an experienced and compassionate family lawyer, you can feel confident that you’ll have someone working with your best interests at heart. More importantly, you’ll have a professional who is skilled in the law and capable of understanding the complex nature of family law. All of this will work to your advantage, regardless of what type of case you need to pursue.

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