Being a car accident victim just because of some reckless driver can be very devastating. You deserve compensation for the damage and injuries caused. And at this time you could easily be carried away by anger and might want to take matters all by yourself. Especially when it comes to the expected changes in lifestyle due to complications and the expenses incurred for medications, legal practice, and transport expenses. It is very important to stick to the protocol when seeking compensation and here are 4 steps to take after the accident.

  1. Stop driving and call the police

You need to stay at the accident scene until when you’re sure leaving won’t have any avoidable consequences. If possible, get out of the traffic line to a safe side and turn on the hazard lights. Check for any injuries then contact the police immediately. “What if someone in the car is seriously injured and the police haven’t arrived yet. Should I leave the scene to rush them to the hospital?” Well, that could be the best idea but, in a situation where someone was killed or did sustain injuries, you could be facing serious criminal charges. Why? Even if you’re not at fault, you’ll be a hit-and-run driver on legal grounds. Oops!

  1. Gather as much evidence as possible

With enough evidence of the injuries and damage caused, the chances of receiving full compensation will be much higher. Take pictures as soon as possible to show the damage and injuries. If possible, have pictures of the vehicle before and after the accident. This will help bring out the true extent of the sustained damage. If you’re not able to take the pictures on your own, ask someone to help you. But don’t restrict yourself to taking pictures alone. Try to find witnesses if any then take their contact information. Also, keep all the payment proves for medical bills, transportation, and other expenses incurred.

  1. Seek medical treatment

This is a very crucial step that you need to take as soon as possible so that you’ll be fully recovered when seeking compensation. “What if my injuries appear to be minor and I don’t feel much pain. Do I still have to see a doctor?” Yes, absolutely. You need to seek medical attention for general body check-up hence receive treatment immediately should there be any complications. And besides, how else will you prove the injuries were as a result of the car accident if not through seeing a doctor and keeping all the necessary proof?

  1. Hire a car accident attorney

Perhaps you’ll soon be contacted by an insurance company or the other party for settlement. And chances are, what they’ll be offering you is way less than your compensation worth. This is why you need to consult a car accident lawyer with enough knowledge and experience in handling similar auto law claims. Don’t discuss anything concerning the settlement of the claim before consulting your personal injury lawyer. And supposing you were at fault, can the injury lawyers help you? Of course, they’ll help better your defense. And if you cannot pay for the lawyer upfront, there’re injury lawyers working on a contingency basis.


Car accidents are unpredictable. And the resulting damage and injuries may be severe. In a case where the accident is caused by a reckless driver, you deserve compensation for all the losses, time wasted, and medical bills. These steps will guide you follow the right protocol towards seeking legal justice. There are several blogs relating to auto law where you can acquire more information concerning similar and related accidents. Stay informed, information is power.


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