In recent years, many states have begun to adopt laws in regard to the possession and use of cannabis and cannabis products. Many of these laws have made it legal to use products which have been made from this substance. Nevada recently passed laws making it legal in their state to have and use marijuana. There are restrictions to this however and violating them can lead to heavy fines and other penalties. Since these laws have just recently been added, many people do not know all of the rules regarding it and are unaware of the potential risks involved.

Rules Regarding The Use Of Cannabis

While it is legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes throughout the state of Nevada, it is now also legal for recreational use as well. Smoking marijuana is okay if you are on private property that belongs to you or if you have permission from the property owner to smoke it there. Smoking a joint in public is against the law still and if you are found in a public area doing this, you will be fined and there may be possible jail time involved depending on your record. When the Nevada cannabis laws were put into place, this aspect of it was misunderstood by many and there were quite a few instances where tickets were handed out because of a violation. If you are using marijuana in your own home, this is perfectly fine but if you are at the home of a friend, you must have their permission to do so.

Possession And Growing Is Also Regulated

It is legal to grow your own cannabis plants provided it is on your own property and you cannot grow more than six plants at any given time. If you do not have a place to grow it near your home, you can grow it on another person’s property with their permission. The permission must be granted in writing and the person who owns the property is under the same six plant law. Meaning he cannot grow six plants and you can grow six plants, it is a total of six plants in all. Marijuana can only be purchased from an authorized dealer within the state and cannot be sold by you to anyone. If you are picking up some of this for a friend, you cannot accept payment for it from him or her. There are still heavy fines in place if you are caught doing this. Persons under the age of twenty-one are forbidden from purchasing or possessing marijuana.

The new laws that have been passed can be very confusing and you would be wise to educate yourself about them before you choose to make any purchases. You need to know what you can and cannot do in order to stay in line with the law. In regard to planting your own cannabis plants, you cannot do so within a certain amount of miles of a distributor. The laws are being strictly enforced by police.

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