It’s a weekend or a holiday.You just got off from work and you decided to treat yourself. Whether you did it to relax or you decided to prepare for an extra special event, you felt the need to go to a beauty clinic. All was well; you expect to leave the salon with a brighter glow and that boost of confidence, that is until things didn’t go as planned. Beauty clinic injuries are far from rare and knowing how and why they happen can help you realisethat you deserve compensation and that those responsible need to take responsibility.

Causes of malpractice

Common accidents are sometimes the fault of both parties. A good number of mishaps are due to allergic reactions from the clients to the materials or the procedure used. Anything from the type of shampoo used to the makeup, and even simply cologne, could lead to damage just from not knowing, or not telling, about your allergies. It’s also within the beauty clinic’s remit to ask if you have any allergies, to keep in mind when applying these products. More common mistakes include improper handling of procedures which can be blamed on unprofessional or junior handlers at the beauty clinic.

Long lasting impact

Unhappy customers aren’t the only result of beauty clinic malpractice. Besides the physical damage that they have done, emotional damage to the client cannot be erased. Allergic reactions are only the tip of the iceberg. Damage such as irreparable scars, hair damage, and laser burns are common beauty clinic injuries.These can range from short-term to long-term injuries depending on how delicate the procedure was. Though physical damage can be compensated, the effect of having a bad day, or having a bad week or months even, depending on the accident, can lead to damaging the customer’s self-esteem. This could further lead to not just having to deal with the physical but the emotional burden of the accident as well.

What to do in the event of a beauty injury?

After recognising who is at fault for the damage, it is important to document the injuries received. Whether they be rashes, burns, or even scars, proper documentation is key to filing successful beauty injury claims. Though most times beauty clinics have no bad intentions towards their customers, bad service is still bad service. Reporting the injury is your right as a customer and it is their responsibility to compensate you for the damage they’ve done if proven guilty. Seek trusty legal aid to make sure things go smoothly for you and for the clinic, and to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome.

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