Cavity wall insulation claims are one of the most talked about items in Britain right now after the closure of the PPI claims epidemic.

This particular claims issue, is geographically focused on the South East of England, which is where the product was pushed the most to the British public.

Since the 1990s cavity wall installation has been mis sold on an industrial scale to millions of people, with an estimated 70% of all cases of these cavity wall insulation installations being mis sold and provided to huge amounts of people that didn’t need cavity wall insulation.

Cavity Wall Claims – How Much Is The Average Amount of Compensation?

Usual ranges of compensation are between £10,000-£20,000 but the end sum can be more or less.

One of the main issues with Cavity wall insulation is the fact that the material used for many different insulations usually becomes decayed over time with general wear and tear, this can cost a large amount of money to not only remove the insulation but also fix the damage.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important for the British public to understand that it is so important to claim compensation where possible, because otherwise

Cavity Wall Insulation – What Is The Best Way To Quickly Handle A CWI Claim?

A Claim for mis sold or faulty (or both) cavity wall insulation can be handled quicker by using a cwi claims management firm, this is because they have extensive experience in dealing with cavity wall insulation complaints and any related issues in processing the claims.

Cavity Wall Claims – No Win No Fee Claims Options

There are many companies’ handling no win no fee claims for cavity wall insulation, which can help you with your case, arrange the survey and pursue the claim through to a conclusion.

The other option is to make a claim without the use of a claims management company (CMC), but the problem with this is that without experience in this specific area, making a successful claim will be difficult, as you would need to arrange your own surveyor, your own legal advice and representation and more than likely pay fees regardless of the end result.

With a no win no fee claims company, you can expedite the process and make it automatic.

This takes the pain out of claiming compensation for a mis sold or faulty cavity wall insulation.

How Long Does It Take For A Claim To Complete?

The average time for a claim to be completed is approximately three months (12 weeks), this is the timescale for the claim to go from initial enquiry through to a potential payout (if the claim is successful).

If it is found there has been no mis selling of the cavity wall insulation, then there is no valid claim, in cases where there is no valid claim, no compensation can be paid out.

This is one of the advantages of no win no fee claims, it takes the upfront risk out of it for the person making the claim.

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