Usually, a General Durable Power of Attorney is considered to be one of the four basic estate planning documents which are recommended for every client. It is exactly the best time to execute one.

General Power Of Attorney

You specifically authorize one or more individuals for stepping into your shoes and also taking action on your behalf or in your place, as your agent is known as “attorney-in-fact” through a General Power of Attorney.

What Can An Attorney-In-Fact Do For You?

They can do anything that you can specifically do for yourself. This can change in a tragic heartbeat while you may have no need for that kind of help.

In this regard, you should name at least one person to serve as your agent. Along with that, there is the requirement of one alternate who can serve in case your first choice is unable to serve. It makes good sense to name your spouse in case you are married.

Again, for an alternate, you might name one of your adult children. Sometimes, it could also be a close friend who knows you and also your affairs well. You may download Florida power of attorney or Alabama power of attorney document for free from

There are many of the important characteristics of an attorney-in-fact which includes you must have complete trust in them for using this authorization honorably and wisely in their best interest.

Some who is very good with money keeps good records and is organized and also lives nearby or can be nearby quickly and with whom you possess a very strong relationship is considered to be the best individual to name.


In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section that these are considered to be the financial power of attorney and it is, no doubt, the best time to execute this.

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