A personal injury is a legal term used to define the injury that occurs to the mind, body, or emotions of a person by the negligence or action of another person. The consequences of these injuries could be minor to severe, and there is a law made against it. According to this law, if a person receives a personal injury by another person, the affected one is lawfully allowed to compensate the effector. If you are in the united states, you need to be very careful about how you act around other people as a little negligence from you can result in something awful for the other, and you would be held accountable for it.

What are the examples of a personal injury case?

If the concept of personal injury is still not clear to you, let us give a few examples of it. Consider that you are a worker at someplace and while you are working, the malfunctioning of a machine resulted in giving you severe kind of injury. Now you are at rest, getting treatment, losing your wages while the medical bills are expanding. Who would be responsible for this condition of yours? Of course, the employer, because it was his job to perform the machines’ preventive maintenance so that all the workers can work safely. You can claim him to give your compensation, but if he denies doing so, a personal injury law firm can help you by providing the specialist lawyer in this case. A lawyer or an attorney from your end will be fighting your case in front of the court and will make sure that you get your compensation for the medical bills and the lost wages and bills.

Consider another example of a dog that bit a child playing on the road, and he got severely injured. Who is responsible for this pain he is suffering from? The dog owner will be held accountable for it because if he knew that his dog bites, he must have put a harness around him so that he could not affect some innocent people. Here again, the attorney can help you with the filing of the claim and getting your compensation.

What are different types of personal injuries?

  • Motor Vehicle Accident that occurred due to negligence or red light crossing
  • Medical Malpractice that resulted in severe pain and suffering
  • Wrongful Death that occurred due to negligence
  • Slip and Fall Cases especially during winters
  • Workplace Accident including the construction sites and others
  • Product Liability/Product Defect that lead to severe health issues
  • Defamation that resulted in damage to name and fame
  • Premises Liability that caused suffering to someone in your vicinity
  • Dog Bites that lead to severe health issues

These are the most common types of personal injuries, and there can be cases other than these. whether your case falls in the category of personal injury or not, you must ask your attorney about it.


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