Based on reports, denied short-term and long-term impairment claims by Cigna, among the primary suppliers of disability insurance in the country, and has rapidly climbed in the last couple of decades. Additionally, Cigna was accused, on several occasions, of failing to cover claims of policyholders.

In case you’re wrongfully denied short-term and long-term disability by Cigna or haven’t obtained your rightful claim for any reason, we recommend you to get in contact with Cigna disability claims lawyer immediately. They can fight for your rights and pursue the money you deserve.

Most Cigna programs are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), that’s the national law establishing minimum criteria for willingly established retirement and health plans in the private sector. In case your Cigna claim was denied, you might be required to submit an ERISA appeal before you’re able to pursue a lawsuit against Cigna.

ERISA activities are amazingly complicated, and in addition, they involve quite sensitive time limitations. You don’t wish to wait to obtain a lawyer involved with your case.

The moment you hire a lawyer, they will have the ability to finish their own separate investigation in your case. The lawyer is able to determine when Cigna might have committed a mistake in the management of your gains and struggle to assist you recover what you’re entitled to.

That you don’t wish to try to deal with a Cigna claim by yourself since Cigna may ask your physician to complete several forms that are complex. In some instances, Cigna may assign an independent investigator to conduct surveillance and make an effort to picture you partaking in activities demonstrating that you aren’t disabled.

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