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Las Vegas private investigators, like the ones at True Investigations, are who you need to turn to when you’re looking for domestic investigations in Nevada. When you need your surveillance to be done with discretion and in complete secrecy, they’ve got you covered. Sometimes investigating a loved one requires more than just a simple internet search for information and background checks, you’ll want surveillance and more in-depth investigative techniques if you think your significant other is cheating on you. To find all the information you need about a loved one, an experienced investigator should be hired.

Some of the domestic investigations cases range from missing persons searches and child custody cases to investigating a cheating spouse. True investigations is also experienced with child custody/ parental neglect and even runaway child cases. With background checks, GPS tracking, bug sweeping and surveillance, you can finally get the answers you deserve for your domestic investigations.

Investigations can also include an investigation of assets. Maybe a spouse or loved one is hiding assets such a property, cash or recreational vehicles and keeping from you what is owed to you. The expert investigators at True Investigations will help determine whether there are any assets that are rightfully owed to you. As an experienced and licensed Las Vegas private detective agency, they can help research financial records, property ownership, pensions/insurance policies and more!

Whether you need to uncover someone’s secretive past or find out what secrets that are keeping from you today, True Investigations can help you to uncover all. Find the truth about someone’s past, locate missing persons or assets and even reveal infidelity in an unfaithful partner. With True Investigations, you can finally have the answers you need to your domestic investigation. So if you have a feeling your spouse is being unfaithful or is hiding something from you, talk to the investigators at True Investigations so you can know the truth.

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