Although there are strict safety regulations in place regarding construction safety standards which must be met, accidents will still happen. They are, after all, accidents! However, what happens if you find that those regulations weren’t being followed adequately, if at all, and you have been injured as the result of an accident at a construction site? It doesn’t matter whether you are a construction worker or a civilian in the area, if you feel that you have a claim for those injuries you sustained, do you know how to deal with being compensated? These three tips for dealing with construction accidents in NYC should be a huge help.

1. Get and Document Medical Attention

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to put off seeking medical attention if you’ve been injured. This will often result in questioning whether or not those injuries were really sustained at the construction site. One group of winning construction accident lawyers in NYC who specialize in personal injury and construction accident claims, Greenberg and Stein, PC, state that these cases can be won but the task becomes much more difficult when there is any question as to the cause of the injuries. Yes, they have a winning track record, but the time and litigation involved can have you waiting unnecessarily long times for compensation! In other words, the burden of proof is on you.

2. Say Nothing More Than Is Required by Law at the Scene

So, you have called 911 and medical help is on the way. First responders will include police officers who will take your statement. Here, you are advised to say only what you are required by law to say. Never divulge more information than needs to be said and by all means, don’t volunteer that you just stepped out of the local pub after having a beer! You may not be intoxicated, but the insurance company you are making a claim against will try to say otherwise. In actuality, the area should have been cordoned off or signs should have been posted, but somehow that one 12 oz beer will cast aspersions on your testimony.

3. Let Your Lawyer Do the Talking for You!

Once you give a brief, but detailed, account of what happened to the officer taking the report, that’s it! Say nothing to anyone else and immediately contact an attorney. It’s their job to do the talking for you. This includes the insurance company you are making a claim against and any interested parties. Don’t talk to your boss without representation and certainly, in high profile cases, never talk to the press. Some of those multi-million-dollar high-rises under construction are in the news daily, and some eager reporter might want to get the scoop. Always refer everyone to your attorney, who will then advise you if you can give an account to or not.

All in all, the best tips you can be given are all about what to avoid. Therefore, avoid denying medical attention, avoid saying more than you need to at the scene, and avoid saying anything to anyone thereafter. That’s what your lawyer is for, so let them do their jobs! It’s really that simple.

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