Once a person gets a permanent visa the next tension is to get a good, well paying job. Employment is one of the biggest concerns that people have after going to Canada. The good news is that Canada is one of the countries that have a great deal of opportunities for the skilled and qualified people all over the world. They have very good opportunities in various fields that provide good and high paying jobs. However at the same time the immigrants must also realize that it will not be that easy to get a job as it is in their own country which means you may have to spend time on research and you have to keep patience till you get your dream or your desired job.

Let us understand some simple rules for applying for jobs in Canada so that it will be easier for you to get your job in Canada: You can take professional help and assistance from Canadian placement consultants as they can be very helpful in fixing job interviews and telling you what job vacancies are there in the market. It’s essential that you get familiar with the job scene in Canada and also are aware of the type of vacancies there so you can take help of Canadian job websites to learn about the same. It is important that you apply to every potential employer and also contact every recruitment agency so that you do not lose out on any opportunity or any vacancy. It is also important that you apply for the job vacancies from overseas at least 12 weeks before you plan to visit Canada. Also check the eligibility criteria of every job vacancy and check whether you are eligible for the same. Firstly create a nice complete CV, however it should be in Canadian Style and it must also clearly indicate your visa status but it should be short and not too long. Do not forget to provide your Canadian postal address abs mobile and email address in your CV. It is very important to mention these essential details. Always carry copies of your residence visas and references for employer Try to be flexible and do not expect things to happen exactly the way you want them to happen. It will take time. You may not have the perfect Canadian knowledge or their way of working so you may have to settle for a job not exactly meeting your expectations in the beginnings. Keep your salary expectations also comparatively low as the salary structure, tax rates and all are quite different there so do not expect too much salary in the beginning and do not negotiate too much for salary right in your first job. Be ready to wait at least for around 1-8 weeks in the beginning or sometimes even more till you get your first job. Do not hope that you will be a good job right in the first week of migrating to Canada. Try not to apply for a job 1-12 weeks from your joining date as employers will not really entertain you in such situations. You can also create a professional profile on LinkedIn to enhance your job search. You can also use yellow pages to locate details. You can also inform the employers that you are open for Skype, webcam or face to face interviews. So overall, Canada does have great opportunities, only you must put in the right efforts, in the right direction and last but not the least do not expect immediate results. If you want to know more about Canadian immigration or job opportunities please visit our website http://www.visa4u.co.in

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