Is divorce on your mind? If you are planning for a divorce, then, you should know that it is going to cost you a lot of troubles for filing it yourself. To get the most out of it, it is best to hire a family law attorney. Before hiring, you should interview the attorney to make sure that he can take on your divorce case. The following are 5 questions to ask when interviewing a family law attorney.

  1. What Types of Cases Do You Handle?

Tulsa family law attorneys specialized in family law are more experienced in handling divorce cases. They have a better understanding of all kinds of family law matters in the state and federal level. With his understanding, he can convince the judge to give the verdict that is desirable to the client. The judge has to abide by certain standards and will look for information that can help him make the right decision in the decree.

  1. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in Family Law?

Hiring a licensed family law attorney that is experienced can benefit you. The attorney has attended the courtrooms for many divorce cases and he knows how things work. He knows how the judge gives a decision regarding custody and assets. With an experienced family law attorney, you don’t have to be afraid of getting bullied by the other party. If the divorce case gets serious and needs to go to trial, you can relax knowing that the case will be handled properly by a skilled lawyer.

  1. What are the Charges for the Legal Fees?

When you are meeting the lawyer for consultation, you should take the opportunity to ask him about the charges for the legal fees. Does the lawyer charge you by a flat rate or hourly rate? If the lawyer charge by hourly rate, will you be charged when asking him questions on the phone and email. And is there any increment charges after a certain period of time. Will you be charged for the initial consultation meeting.

A flat fee is usually charged for simple divorce cases, for example, uncontested divorce. There may be different fees for different work involved. Large law firms with lots of senior lawyers usually have more complex fee scales compared to small law firms with less experienced lawyers. Do they charge different rates for the time spent in court and out of the court? Does the lawyer charge a retainer fee?

  1. How Are You Going to Communicate about the Case?

The lawyer must be able to maintain a streamline communication with you. When can you contact the lawyer if you have something to talk to him? How can you contact the law firm? Is it through email or phone? Will the lawyer contact you directly or through a team? How long do you usually have to wait to get a return call? The lawyer must be able to maintain friendly and courteous communication with you.

  1. Can You Tell Me About the Divorce Procedure?

In the consultation meeting, you should ask about what to expect in the divorce procedure. Every state has different divorce proceeding. The amount of time it takes for the divorce case to be completed depend on how much cooperation you can give and the divorce situation. The lawyer should be able to give you an estimated timeframe on when the divorce can be completed after evaluating the factors.

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