It is important that law firms are doing all that they can to move into the digital world and one particular aspect of that which we are going to focus on today is the importance of having a blog. This may be a step into the unknown for many law firms but the reality is that there are so many benefits which having a blog can provide. Using the blog for regular posts can be a great advantage to law firms and this is exactly why law firms should look to have a blog on their website.

Cost Effective Advertising

Whilst there may be some start-up costs for the blog, there is no doubt that this is a very cost effective way of marketing the firm. To further showcase just how powerful a blog can be, some 96% of legal clients use search engines to find attorneys, if you have a blog it makes your firm more visible to the huge number which uses the web to search for representation. This success will also be multiplied if the firm decides to invest in SEO services to boost its visibility.

Establishing Credibility

When a potential client finds your law firm online they are going to want to know all that they can about how you operate and the lawyers who you hire. The blog is the perfect way to establish this credibility with them and give an accurate representation of what the firm is all about. This gives you a much better chance of turning clients from interested to making that call. For instance, on a law firm blog you can add an article about “How do I settle a car accident claim without a lawyer”. This would help to establish your credibility by offering free advice to those in need.

Adds Content to Social Media

Any law firm worth its salt will use social media to engage with clients and to share the firm’s successes. What having a blog will do here is to give more depth to what you are sharing and to provide content to back up any posts about the firm. Instead of posting words, you can share actual posts from the blog onto the firm’s social media accounts.

Standing Out

Despite the fact that more law firms should have blogs, the reality is that very few do, and this provides a great opportunity. The legal world is fierce and firms have to do whatever they can to stand out from the pack. Having a blog certainly gives you a way in which you can do just that.

Securing Future Clients

There is no doubt that the majority of people who come to the blog will be looking for immediate representation, but there will also be a percentage of them who are not. If you have an entertaining and engaging blog then this can certainly pique the interest of those who don’t need representation right now. What you will find however is that when the day comes that those people need legal support, it will be you that they are calling.

A blog doesn’t have to have all kinds of bells and whistles on it, in reality this can be a basic and regularly updated feed of all that is going on in the world of law and with your law firm.

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